Founded in 2010, Sky City Church is a Hong Kong international church that currently meets twice every Sunday at the top of one of Hong Kong’s most iconic buildings, Central Plaza.

11AM Service

Our 11am service is an English speaking service for international families and people of all ages. We are children friendly with a SkyKids program that caters ages 2 to 12.

6PM Service

Our new 6PM service is a bi-lingual service complete with the high-energy praise, worship and preaching experience that everybody has come to know and love at SKY.

Cinema Services

Our Cinema Services feature our own in-house short films, interviews or documentaries on the “big screen”. Innovative, engaging and super-easy to invite your friends and family!

Sky City Church Pastor Wayne Crook and Melody Crook

Welcome to Sky City Church

Dear Friends,

We have the privilege every week of working with one of the greatest teams of people on the planet and the joy of meeting countless individuals and families who, despite the surprises that life throws at them, are able to rise and rise again to greater days.

This is our common bond at Sky; rather than feeling isolated, lost or lonely, we at Sky find a place to belong and a place to discover our purpose in life together.

I do hope you’ll dig a little deeper to find out more of what we’re about and we invite you to come and join us at one of our services or events in the near future.

 — Wayne & Melody Crook

The Church is built with Christ as the cornerstone and exists to point people to life-changing encounters with Him.

She is a beacon that beckons the lost, the hungry and the seeking.

She is a refuge for the hurting, a home for the lonely and a place of healing and restoration for the broken.

She is a community, where people can worship God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and be mutually encouraged and strengthened in His Word.

She is the Body of Christ, a family where each person has a unique part to play and a destiny to fulfil.

She has open arms, in whose embrace, true belonging and authenticity can be found as people discover who they are in Christ.

She has purpose, with eyes fixed on the cause for which Christ came; passionate and tireless in her serving of one another and reaching the world with the life-giving message of love, revealed to humanity in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In recognition of the part that we have to play in building the local church in Hong Kong, Sky exists to make disciples and to reach as many people as possible with the good news message of Jesus Christ.
Simply put, we are here to “Build God’s Church in Hong Kong.”
With a passion for creativity, pioneering and communicating the Gospel by all means, Sky will impact the local and global community through worship services, the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, ministry programs, film, media and new media avenues, outreach events and our ability to connect with people through genuine relationship.