January News Update

By January 15, 2016News


For the past few weeks, we have been focused on our “Dream 16” series at Sky City Church and we’re encouraging everyone to pray and seek God for the things that He has put on our hearts. What is the dream that God has spoken to you about and how has He positioned you and wired you uniquely to achieve it?

God is the author of creativity, and with Him alongside us, the possibilities are endless. As I have been sharing on this, my hope is that each person would get a revelation that God has put the capacity within each of us to be great dreamers for His kingdom. God entrusts us with dreams and it is up to us to have faith in taking active steps in seeing them come to pass. With the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, these dreams can indeed be achieved to make a significant difference for the world and to bring great glory to God.

So this year, we want to get alongside you; to help you to dream, to believe and to have the courage to step up to greater heights!


Taiwan Mission Update

As we share about dreams for this year, I’m happy to update you about some young dreamers from Sky who are out there making a difference this week! On Wednesday, a team from Sky travelled to Taiwan for a 4 day trip to Kaohsiung. Pastor Diana and Lem Tsang are leading the team and while they are there, they will be assisting Source of Life Ministry headed by Pastor Scott Hung with construction work and also a filming project.

For many of you who sowed generously at Christmas toward Jubilee Ministries and into the lives of the many amazing volunteers who have helped us with renovations at the Sky office, you will hopefully be encouraged to hear that your giving has gone towards making this trip possible.

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